Our Design Experience Includes: Low Maintenance. 

Low-Maintenance Gardens, Woodlands Garden, Cottage Gardens, Formal Gardens, Informal Gardens, Secret Garden Rooms, Italian Gardens, Roman Gardens and Reclamation on Acreages.    

Xeriscapes, Naturalized Landscapes, English Gardens, Japanese Gardens, Zen Gardens, Country Gardens, Feng shui Gardens, Rock Gardens, Alpine Gardens, Mediterranean Gardens and more.

Design Process
Initial Consultation and Site Visit: This includes measuring  and picking up your real property report.
A list of your wishes is made and your needs are discussed.  

Base Plan Drawn on Computer:
This shows all existing features. We like to scan your real property report as well for accuracy.  

Concept Drawing:
This shows the layout of planting areas, decks, walks, walls, rocks, water features, trees, shrubs, perennials, etc. The plants are not named at this point. 

Client Consultation Re: Concept:
This will be done in person at our office. This is our opportunity to analyze your true needs and wishes and produce a master plan that fits you perfectly. 

Preparation the Master Plan:
This shows the layout of all the garden features. Large trees and shrubs will be labeled. You receive three copies of your plan.  

Preparation of Planting Plan:
This shows the name of all the plants on your plan. Plants are generally selected for hardiness, location, foliage, interest and contrast, flowering-color, type, length of time and when. 

Final Client Visit:
This gives you the opportunity to view photos of plants that are shown in your plan and discuss how the project might be implemented. This step is done at our office.

Our Designs Will Leave You Breathless!

Don’t settle for a “sketch”! Most companies do business with a hand drawing and sketch of what they are proposing. Not at Artemis Landscape Design! This practice only allows for complications and failed expectations. More often than not, the actual finished product looks nothing like the buyer expected, and it’s too late to do anything about it. Furthermore, it is difficult (and nearly impossible) to compare price and “value” unless you have something accurate & detailed.

You know what to expect - NO surprises.

Artemis Landscape Design Co has always believed in showing our clients exactly what they are buying, and then showing our installers exactly what they will be building – so that expectations are met 100% of the time. To do so, we produce computer-generated Calgary landscape designs for each of our clients. These graphic designs allow our clients to see a realistic presentation of textures & overall concept. By doing this, our clients get a glimpse of what to expect before you ever sign a contract, or start construction.

Demand Precision – It’s easy today to fire up the computer and draw some lines, paint some colors, etc… Don’t be fooled by an imitation, or inaccurate design. Most companies will “sketch” up something, and then build it a little different. In fact, there is no way to supervise the construction on any project without a precise & detailed drawing.
At Artemis Landscapes and Design Ltd we have been designing creative outdoor spaces since 1994. The design team at Artemis utilizes some the latest CAD software developed specifically for the industry so that we can create a functional and beautiful design in a timely manner. The Design team works closely with each client to develop a beautiful plan that maximizes the use of space and enhances your outdoor living space while taking your lifestyle into full consideration.
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